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International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Today marks a significant date in the global calendar – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. As the QUT Persians’ Association, we stand in solidarity with women across the world in advocating for a future free from violence and discrimination. This day serves not only as a reminder of the ongoing struggles faced by countless women but also as a call to action for communities everywhere to actively engage in creating a safer, more equitable world.

Established by the United Nations, this day has been observed annually on November 25th since 1999. It commemorates the Mirabal sisters, three political activists from the Dominican Republic who were brutally assassinated in 1960. This day aims to raise awareness about the reality of violence against women and to promote efforts to eliminate such violence.

Violence against women is a pervasive issue, affecting individuals in every country, irrespective of age, background, or economic status. Globally, it’s estimated that 1 in 3 women experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. These are not just numbers; they represent mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. In our own communities, there are women who suffer in silence, and it is our collective responsibility to give voice to their experiences and offer support.

Despite the grim statistics, there is hope in the form of global and local initiatives aimed at combating this violence. Organisations worldwide are working tirelessly to provide support, advocate for policy changes, and educate the public about gender-based violence. Locally, we can take pride in the efforts of various QUT groups and community organisations that contribute significantly to this cause.

Change begins with awareness. Educate yourself and others about the issues and their root causes. If you or someone you know is affected by violence, know that there are support systems in place. Volunteering with local shelters or advocacy groups, participating in awareness campaigns, and simply starting conversations in our circles can make a substantial difference.

As we commemorate this day, let’s pledge to not only be bystanders but active participants in the fight against violence towards women. Let us educate, support, and stand in solidarity with women globally. Together, we can create a world where violence against women is a thing of the past.

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