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Jashn-e Ab Pashonak – The Iranian Water Splashing Festiva

“جشن آب پاشونک” translates to “Jashn-e Ab Pashonak” in English. It is an annual festival celebrated in Iran, particularly in the province of Kermanshah. This festival is also known as the “Water Splashing Festival” or the “Festival of Water and Fire.”

Jashn-e Ab Pashonak is usually observed during the last Wednesday of the Persian calendar year, which corresponds to a few days before Nowruz, the Iranian New Year. The festival symbolises the arrival of spring and the renewal of nature. It is a joyous occasion where people gather to celebrate and participate in various activities.

The main highlight of Jashn-e Ab Pashonak is the tradition of water splashing. Young and old people take to the streets with buckets, water guns, and other water-related items to drench each other with water. It is a playful and fun-filled activity that brings laughter and cheer to everyone involved. The water symbolises purification and the washing away of the past year’s troubles, while also welcoming the new year with a fresh start.

In addition to water splashing, Jashn-e Ab Pashonak also includes other festivities. People wear colourful clothes, sing traditional songs, dance, and enjoy delicious food. There may be conventional music performances, street parades, and other forms of entertainment. It is a time when communities come together, and friends and families reunite to celebrate the upcoming new year.

The festival also has cultural and historical significance. It is believed to have ancient roots, dating back to pre-Islamic times when Iranians celebrated the arrival of spring and the end of winter. The festival’s combination of water and fire represents the transition from the cold and dark season to the warmth and light of spring.

Jashn-e Ab Pashonak is a cherished tradition in Iran, fostering a sense of unity, joy, and hope. It is an occasion where people let go of their worries, embrace the spirit of renewal, and look forward to the coming year with optimism.

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