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Club Funding

  1. A club must first be deemed compliant before they receive club funding.
  2. After approval from the Clubs and Societies Committee and returning the Grant Acceptance Form, the QUT Guild will move funds into registered QUT Guild Affiliated Club bank accounts.
  3. Clubs send invoices and receipts to the Guild for authorization of payments.
  4. For extraordinary circumstances, a club may consult with QUT Guild Clubs & Societies Officer and QUT Guild Treasurer for alternative options.
  5. If a club fails to send through their receipts and bank statements it constitutes non-compliance.
  6. If found that the projected and actual expenditure differ, creating a surplus of funds in the Club Bank account, excess must be returned to QUT Guild. The
    club will be invoiced for the difference in the projected and actual
    expenditure. Failure to declare these funds, results in non-compliance.
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